November 20th, 2010

English360 wins top business English award for innovation

David Riley Award for Innovation in business EnglishEnglish360 has won the prestiguous  David Riley Award for Innovation in the business English world at this year’s annual BESIG conference in Bielefeld, Germany. The award recognises innovations with the potential to change the teaching of business English and ESP.

The awarding committee stated, “We basically felt that the whole concept of English360 was something completely different and something that hadn’t been done before,” and praised its utility and ease of use for language teachers.

Committee member Paul East stated, “What really stood out for us on the judging panel was how easy to use English360 is. This is really important, as language teachers have little spare time to invest in learning a new system. We can see that English360 has put a lot of energy into creating an intuitive interface.”

The English360 web application provides ELT schools and teachers with a quick, easy, out-of-the-box solution to one of their biggest challenges: delivering the online and blended learning that today’s student expects. With over 40 Cambridge ELT titles in its repository, the platform provides teachers with course design tools that enable the mixing and matching of content from different titles into the personalised courses that the business English and ESP markets demand. Powerful yet intuitive authoring tools allow teachers and schools to also create their own learning content, specific to their students and business customers, to use on its own or to supplement Cambridge content.

When accepting the award, English360 founder and Managing Director Cleve Miller told the audience of 250 or so teachers and school directors, “First of all I have to express our gratitude to Cambridge University Press for being the exemplary partners that they are. They are dedicated to continued innovation and have a unique awareness of the immense value that teachers and schools bring to material selection and material design.”

Listen to Cleve’s acceptance speech on YouTube.

© Mike Hogan
© Mike Hogan

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