New video content: American Conversation

January 25th, 2013

We’ve just published a brand new video-based resource, American Conversation.

Below, author Irena Dewey explains the rationale behind her resource:

Boost your students’ conversational and cultural competencies in the real world!

Communicating naturally with native speakers is one of the top goals of second language learners. There are certain challenges of learning and teaching conversational English that are difficult to address in a regular classroom setting.

  • Limited Classroom Exposure: even the most excellent instructor is JUST ONE speaker. The Internet, movies, and TV are excellent resources, but they do not provide feedback on comprehension.
  • Language is Culture Specific: without being part of a cultural group, it is difficult to understand the attitudes, feelings, beliefs, personal values and subtle gradations of interpersonal relationships in the target culture.
  • Authenticity of Instructional Materials: most materials are written by professional authors and/or teachers with a heavy focus on Standard English. Instructional videos are staged and scripted and do not represent the variety of patterns of authentic communication.

We address these challenges!

Give your program a competitive edge and adopt American Conversation. Based on authentic, high-interest video conversations and with focus on spontaneous speech, it will be a perfect companion for any academic, business or ESP course.

Program Components:

  • Guided Listening Comprehension (with transcripts)
  • Explanation of incorrect answers
  • Features of Spontaneous Speech
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Culture
  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing

Academic/Standard English is your priority – Conversational English is ours. Let’s work together!

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