BESIG 2009

November 25th, 2009

Attended the BESIG conference in Poznan last weekend, with fellow English360′ers Paul Colbert and Brian Anderson. As always it was great to actually meet with colleagues that had previously been only virtual: met Karenne and Anne face to face finally. Discussed an interesting new project that Cornelia and Paul have cooked up. Met with lots of folks that I only see once a year.

Vicki Hollett‘s plenary and subsequent session were great. My take away was her discussion on teaching functional language for authenticity when establishing relationships, whether they be business or social relationships. Main point: those nice lists of functional phrases we have in BE coursebooks need an upgrade.

Another highlight was Jeremy Day‘s session on “Results-focused ESP”.   Jeremy gave us an observation that was new to me. I’m paraphrasing here but he was discussing the question “Who is the most important person in the learning process?” and we were all thinking “the student” (as opposed to teacher-centered, or materials-centered classes of course). Jeremy’s point was that another perspective, especially in ESP, is to see that the most important person isn’t even in the classroom. If we are teaching English for nursing, the most important person is actually the patient, who will be communicating with the nurse (our student). If we are teaching English for students who work in a call center, the most important person is the customer, who will need our student to resolve an issue with a product. This expansion of who we prioritize as stakeholders in the learning process is spot on.



  1. Excellent blog, keep up the good work, have bookmarked this.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Now, this has got to be what I love most about the internet and blogging: learning something new – coming out with a different perspective. Hadn’t thought about it that way, and I teach ESP. Shame on me!



  4. Nice meeting you too, Cleve. Liked your concept of playlists for the classroom, and your saying that tech doesn’t necessarily need to be used in the classroom to play into what we teach and how we teach it. Cu round :)

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  6. Thanks for dropping by Karenne and Anne. Enjoyed f2f v much!

  7. Thanks for the quote, Cleve. I feel like an intellectual now :)

    Your session was also a real highlight for me, as I wrote in my blog last week.

  8. Jeremy I told you immediately after your session that I’d be repeating that observation, and it only took me a couple of days to do so! Hope I didn’t mangle it too badly….

  9. Great observation from Jeremy and thank you for passing it on. And great to meet you too Cleve! Loved your session.

  10. Thanks Vicki!

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