About us

English360 is the fast and easy way of delivering blended learning programmes for your clients.

Educational institutions and teachers can now go digital and deliver blended learning and provide this alongside face-to-face teaching.

  • Our aim is not to replace the teacher but empower them to provide courses that help learners achieve their real-life goals.
  • The service comes pre-loaded with quality-assured courses that can be used as is or customised with digital authoring tools.
  • The teacher’s own lesson material can be blended with publisher content and authentic content from the web to create personalised courses.
  • Activities can then be accessed online or printed for the learner to study in their own time, with ongoing feedback on progress.

Our unique approach

At English360 we are pioneering a totally new way of delivering language learning online. This is not a top-down approach of putting coursebooks online as you’d expect from an ELT publisher.

Instead, this is a bottom-up approach that gives teachers the digital tools they need to create and deliver highly personalised teaching that meets learners’ work goals.

Create course playlists

Through our partnership with a range of publishing companies, we have access to over 9,000 quality-assured resources that include vocabulary, grammar, business English and ESP at all levels.

These materials have been sliced and diced and tagged so teachers can build course playlists by combining course content from publishers with their own lesson plans and materials.

Collaborative features of Web 2.0

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Web 2.0 and its collaborative features. With English360, your learners identify their needs around which you build personalised courses.

You can share course materials with other teachers; and you can exchange ideas and pedagogical best practice within your school network or with the wider English360 community on the forums.

Management team

Cleve Miller Cleve Miller, Founder and Managing Director

Since 1989 Cleve has designed, managed and taught business English programs in 11 countries to thousands of students in over fifty Global-500 companies. He has been named a "global expert" by the American Society of Training and Development, and since about 1998 has had a single-minded obsession with effective use of the web for learner-centered language teaching. Originally from Kansas, he is currently based out of New York.

Valentina Dodge Valentina Dodge, Learning Manager

Valentina is Learning Manager for English360 where she oversees content, pedagogy, teaching, and academic matters for English360. She works closely with educators and school owners on a global scale to help them provide personalised English learning programmes to meet their student and customer needs.